Saturday, May 6, 2017

Meet ShoreIndie Editor Kyra Nelson

Kyra Nelson is a YA author and freelance editor. She earned her BA in English language and Editing from Brigham Young University before completing her MA there in linguistics. She is now pursuing a degree in applied linguistics from Northern Arizona University. Before becoming a freelance editor, Kyra spent several years interning at a literary agency and working in house for various publications. She has also taught university courses in composition, grammar, and editing.

Kyra is a recurring character on the YA WordNerds vlog. She likes keeping busy whether she's reading, writing, baking, hiking, playing violin, or just goofing off with friends. Kyra loves adventure, even if it's a small adventure like roasting Starbursts over the open flame of her stove top.

For ShoreIndie 2017, Kyra is excited to receive submissions that fit the following MSWL:
  • YA is my main jam. I read anything and everything YA. All subgenres welcome! Especially historical fiction and fantasy. 
  • Adult: I'm picky with my adult books. Please only send contemporary or historical fiction. I'm not a good fit for adult speculative fiction (I don't read enough of it to help you!). Some adult books I love include Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, The Girl You Left Behind, The Thirteenth Tale, and The Rent Collector
  • No manuscripts over 100,000 words. 
  • No erotica, please. I don't edit books with graphic sex. (Fade to black sex scenes are fine.) 
  • I love funny books. If your book is funny, please send it to me. Also sass. I'm all about that sass. 
  • Diversity! This includes LGBT+, religious, body type, and disability representation. 
  • I love historical fiction. Here are some time periods/ events I would especially love to see: French Revolution, American Revolution, Mughal India, Heian or Edo periods Japan, pre-Imperial Russia, Incan or Aztec Empire, 1950s, ancient Persia, ancient Greece, and ancient Egypt. 
  •  Other random things I would love: Geek culture romance (The Only Thing Worse Than Me is You, All the Feels), wordplay, enemies to lovers, slow burn romance, characters with interesting extracurricular activities, an ensemble of misfits, unreliable narrators, anything that can be compared to a Taylor Swift music video. 
  •  I am NOT a good fit for books with: a portal that takes the main character to a new world, third person present POV, insta-love, fairy tale retellings (retellings of classic literature are fine!), or animal protagonists.
Follow Kyra on Twitter, check out her Website, and ask her all your questions during her #ShoreIndie #AskEditor sessions on Wednesday, May 31st at 7pm ET and Friday, June 2nd at 8pm ET.

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