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Balance Less - Author Assistant
Erin Tolbert is an Author Assistant who also offers social media management and design packages. She understands that you are never "just a writer" and is passionate about helping authors achieve work-life balance. She helps with those items on your to-do list that keep getting pushed to the bottom, and allows you to focus on your craft. (Or maybe even take a nap once in awhile. You deserve it!)

Erin is passionate about empowering indie authors and helping them navigate the self-pub world. She has worked with writers of all genres - not yet published, self-published and traditionally published. 

What are you ready to delegate? Isn't it time you focus on the areas where your time is best spent? I'm ready to help so you can balance less and enjoy more. 

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Cardboard Monet - Design and formatting services

Hi! I’m Ashley! I am a work-a-holic, twenty-something designer who loves to create with pen, paper, and pixels. (Alliterations are a plus.) Given my 4+ years in the publishing industry, and 13+ years in the creative/branding industry, I've learned the inner workings of story building and thrive on the challenge of representing a story through a unique and beautiful aesthetic. But enough about me. Let's talk about you. You’ve penned your novel, made sure it has critique partner and beta reader approval, and spy your “next steps” on the horizon. Where do you go from here? Let’s partner together to make sure your book is putting its best foot forward, because you know what they say, you never get a second chance at making a first impression and—let’s face it—people absolutely do judge a book by its cover.

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Cynthia T. Luna - Marketing and editing services

Cynthia T. Luna, like most indie authors, wears more than just one hat. She is an overall creative person with an appreciation for the written word, who backed into self-publishing about a decade ago. At the time, she collaborated with a new author and his publisher to promote his newly published biography on a national (U.S.) scale. Since then, Cynthia has freelanced her marketing communications services to solo-preneurs, indie authors, friends and small businesses. In that capacity, she has been editing, reviewing, translating and ghostwriting, while also helping people establish manageable marketing strategies for their products and services. She recently launched The Aspiring Author’s Guide: Write Your Marketing Strategy to help new authors develop unique marketing strategies their voices and books. Her goal is to help writers publish quality books and build confidence in their own marketing strategies.

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Email: cynthia (at) livingincyn (dot) com

Elise Kova - Indie Author

Elise Kova has always had a profound love of fantastical worlds. Somehow, she managed to focus on the real world long enough to graduate with a Master’s in Business Administration before crawling back under her favorite writing blanket to conceptualize her next magic system. 

Before becoming an author, she worked as a graphic designer, marketing director, and social media specalist for companies in all markets and sizes -- ranging from tech start ups, education, law firms, to Fortune 500, and more. In addition to this, Elise has been formally trained in art theory and enjoys consulting on the full marketing pipeline.

She currently lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, and when she is not writing can be found playing video games, watching anime, or talking with readers on social media. She is the USA Today bestselling author of the Air Awakens Series as well as the Loom Saga.

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Laura Dennison - Copyeditor

Laura Dennison is a senior copyeditor for Book Light Editorial and will help you get your manuscript into its most polished form. Her copyediting services will ensure your work will be free of errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and consistency in formatting or style. Writers can become so familiar with their own work that it becomes hard to spot errors on the page. This is why having a copyeditor serve as a second pair of eyes is so important! Laura has been editing professionally for two years and is a lover of fiction and nonfiction writing. She holds an MFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing and, as a writer herself, understands the importance of preserving each author's nuanced voice throughout the editing process. She is excited to work with you!

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Rebecca Syme - Indie Author

Rebecca Syme writes small town romance as Becca Boyd and cozy mystery as R.L. Syme. She is a long-time foodie and loves fancy cheese. Becca calls the mountains of Montana her home and draws inspiration from the beautiful vistas and heartwarming people. She is the USA Today bestselling author of the Line of Fire series of sweet romances and part of the Chick Tales continuity series set in Somewhere, TX. Her newest series, The Matchbaker Mysteries, falls into cozy culinary mystery and releases on July 1st. You can find her on Twitter talking #fancycheese or #Chopped, and on Facebook with her fans in Becca Nation. She is represented by Lane Heymont of the Tobias Literary Agency.

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Reedsy - Curated talent marketplace

Reedsy is a global network that connects authors and publishers with top editorial, design, marketing and ghostwriting talent. Reedsy's professionals all come from the best publishing companies, and only 3% of applicants are allowed onto the network. Recently, Reedsy launched Reedsy Learning, a series of free mini-courses on writing, publishing and marketing, taught by Reedsy’s best professionals and delivered to your inbox each day.

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Scott Burtness - Indie Author

Scott Burtness writes urban fantasy and science fiction. He self-published his first novel, Wisconsin Vamp, in early 2014. Since then, he has self-published two more novels and has had two short stories published in anthologies. As a hybrid author, he’s learned a lot of lessons the hard way and enjoys sharing what he’s learned to help other emerging authors.

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Tanya Jarvik - Copy editor

Tanya Jarvik has a B.A., an M.A., and four-fifths of a Ph.D. in English, and now considers herself a recovering academic. She began freelance editing in 2001, when she was still in graduate school. Since then, she has edited so many different types of manuscripts that an alphabetized catalog using every letter of the alphabet might soon be within reach: A is for article, B is for brochure, C is for cookbook, D is for dissertation, E is for essay, F is for fiction, etc. Her own writing has appeared in VoiceCatcher, The Manifest-Station, The Open Face Sandwich, the Enter at Your Own Risk anthology series, Marked by Scorn, Stories from the Polycule, and elsewhere. Tanya is a firm believer in the Oxford comma, but if you insist that she follow AP guidelines, she will begrudgingly accommodate you.

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Weapenry - Indie author resources

Patchwork Press authors have always been big believers in the business of self-publishing. Now, they have teamed together again to form Weapenry, a well of resources for writers looking to make the most of their writing career.

Indie authors are talented, tenacious, and absurdly creative. But going it alone can sometimes be tough. At Weapenry, we want to help writers reach their full potential. Independent authors shouldn’t feel in competition with one another: a rising tide lifts all boats.

The pen is only mightier than the sword if you know how to wield it.

Learn more at weapenry.com

Write! - Distraction-free word processing software

A stylized W with shadows
Write! distraction-free word processing software "is the perfect place to draft a blog post, keep your notes organized, collect inspirational ideas, or even write a book." Members of the ShoreIndie community get 30% off! Coupon code: 30OFFS

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