Saturday, May 6, 2017

Meet ShoreIndie Editor Jeni Chappelle

Jeni Chappelle is a freelance editor with eight years of editing experience and a lifetime of word nerdiness. She has worked on #P2P16, #RevPit, and now #ShoreIndie.

Jeni and her husband used to own and run a little bookstore. Part of the plan for the store was to give local and self-published authors (much less common in those early days of Kindle!) a venue for their work. In 2009, one of their self-pub authors asked if Jeni could look over her new manuscript and give her opinion about its marketability with the bookstore’s customers. The feedback was extensive, the author was impressed, and Jeni was hooked!

Most importantly, she learned that although she has the know-how to write a book, her real passion is helping writers bring their books out into the world. Editing is the perfect blend of her analytical skills and her creative spirit–it keeps both sides occupied so they’re not always fighting!

Jeni lives in an itty-bitty town a few miles from Charlotte, NC with her family and a menagerie.

For ShoreIndie 2017, Jeni is excited to accept submissions that fit the following MSWL:

What I’m really looking for is impeccable voice, characters I immediately connect to, and strong plot.
  • I have eclectic tastes, so any genre works for me.
  • YA, NA, and Adult
  • Strong, natural voice and compelling characters are a must.
  • Fresh plot or a new twist on old favorites
  • Other editors would be a better choice for military-based plots, Christian fiction (especially apocalyptic or biblical), love triangles, or slasher-style horror.

Follow Jeni on Twitter, check out her Website and Facebook page, and ask her all your questions during her #ShoreIndie #AskEditor sessions on Monday, May 29th at 7pm ET and Friday, June 2nd at 5pm ET.

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