Saturday, May 6, 2017

Meet ShoreIndie Editor Elizabeth Buege

Elizabeth Buege is a Midwestern girl with a lifelong love of words. She graduated from the University of Northwestern—St. Paul with a B.A. in English writing and internship experience in nonprofit writing and book editing. She now teaches secondary writing classes for homeschool students through a local co-op, where her job is to help teens fall in love with words and learn to express critical thought clearly. Elizabeth also loves helping authors become better writers, so she offers book critiques and editing services at, where she blogs writing tips and related topics to help authors grow in their craft. When she’s not editing books or grading research papers, she’s probably reading, writing, or enjoying the world around her.

For ShoreIndie 2017, Elizabeth is excited to accept...
  • I’m open to YA and Adult entries. 
  • Some of my favorite stories are speculative fiction—think fantasy, science fiction, and magic realism—but I’m pretty picky. It’s not the descriptions of your world-building or complex premises that draws me in—it’s a main character who feels like a real person with a compelling struggle. 
  • I’m open to faith-based fiction of all genres (except the ones listed below) this spring. No cliches, though—if your story is overly allegorical or based off overused tropes, I’m happy to talk through it with you at some point but probably won’t pick it in this contest. I’d love to see authors writing characters who deal with faith issues in an honest, well-written way. 
  • NO horror, erotica, or paranormal (zombies, demons, vampires and their friends are all out) for me in this contest. 
  • It’s all about character! If I can’t tell from your blurb & pages who your character is as a person and what they need/want, I probably won’t pick your entry. 

Follow Elizabeth on Twitter , check out her Website, and ask her all your questions during her #ShoreIndie #AskEditor sessions on Saturday, May 27th at 7pm ET and Thursday, June 1st at 7pm ET.

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