Wednesday, October 11, 2017

2017 ShoreIndie Contest Winners

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our 2017 Grand Prize Winner, Jacy Sutton, and our Runner Up, Sophia Beaumont! We're incredibly proud of these authors and can't wait to help them celebrate when they self-publish their books. Read on to see what our judges had to say about the winning entries.

JUST ONE YOU by Jacy Sutton (@authorjacy)
Edited by Rebecca Heyman (@RFaithEditorial)

"This entry drew me in from the very beginning. The language was beautiful and lush, and from the very first lines, the characters felt like real people: complex, flawed, & fascinating. Artful storytelling!” - Ember Casey

"This novel grabbed hold of me from page one. The writing is beautiful, the characters rich and intriguing, & the slow boil narrative utterly riveting. It did the thing I love best in a book, which was to leave me pondering it even when I had to set it down, and eager to get back to it as quickly as possible. The ending presented a satisfying blend of 'Ah ha!' 'Oh my god!' and 'Of course!' all at once This book is a genuine and thought-provoking pleasure." - Bill Cameron

"A depth of character combines with an almost lyrical nature to the language used to create an equally satisfying and engaging story primed with romance, tension, and growth.” - Elise Kova

ALL FOR ONE by Sophia Beaumont (@KnotMagic)
Edited by Jeni Chappelle (@jenichappelle)

"I loved this entry! The premise was so fun and original, the worldbuilding was vivid and colorful, and I loved how the book kicked off the action from the very first chapter! An enjoyable adventure!" - Ember Casey

"As I read this novel, I kept thinking that the author must have really enjoyed writing it because every page is infused with an infectious joy. The concept is fun to begin with, and the author’s handling of it was simply delightful. It made me wish I lived on the timeline where Marie Antoinette formed a monarchy in Quebec though I wouldn’t want to find myself at the tip of Louise’s blade." - Bill Cameron

"The story hooks you from the first line and doesn't let go, pulling you along with action and a rich sense of world-building that leaves you excited for more.” - Elise Kova

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