Saturday, May 6, 2017

Meet ShoreIndie Editor Sione Aeschliman

Sione Aeschliman (pronounced see-OWN ASH-lemon) is an editor and writing coach with a Master's degree in English and over fourteen years of editing experience. Since becoming a full-time freelance editor in 2012, she’s had the honor of working with authors from several countries on a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction projects. Last year she was an editor in the Pitch to Publication Twitter contest and faculty at the inaugural The Work Conference in New York City. This year she’s a #RevPit editor, creator of the ShoreIndie contest, co-editor of an anthology of floating-inspired prose and poetry for Coincidence Control Publishing, and teacher of genre fiction writing at the Show:Tell Workshop for Teen Writers and Artists.

Under her own name Sione writes prose and poetry (and prose poetry) about dusty heart-drawers and being chased by nunchuck-wielding ducks. Under pseudonym she is the indie author of seven books published in the last five years.

Although she lives in Portland, Oregon, she does not own a bicycle and is woefully underprepared for the zombie apocalypse, but her adorkable dog, Milton, is an Expert Urban Forager. She can't wait to read submissions and connect with members of the Twitter indie author community.

For ShoreIndie 2017, Sione is excited to accept...

Character-driven YA, NA, and A novels that explore important questions about being human in ways that are fresh, accessible, deeply connecting, and entertaining in any genre, including but not limited to:
  • Romance (all subgenres)
  • Science fiction, fantasy, science fantasy
  • Dystopian
  • Alternative history
  • Surrealism, absurdism
  • Magical realism
  • Mystery/suspense/thriller*
  • Blended genre

I gravitate toward work that's a little off-center from the mainstream, such as work that doesn't fit neatly into one genre and work that challenges societal norms and/or the conventions of a genre. I'm particularly interested in moral complexity/dilemmas; new twists on tropes; ownvoices POC, mental illness, person with a disability, or LGBTQA+; stories that present normalized diversity; and books with real feels.

If your book contains graphic depictions of rape, torture, or pet murder/mutilation, I will consider it, but please include a trigger warning at the end of your book blurb.

*I am NOT a good fit for military thrillers, were-creatures (unless lighthearted or tongue-in-cheek, e.g. The X-Files S10E3); horrotica; gory horror; eroticized non-consensual sex; or stories that perpetuate any form of discrimination.

Follow Sione on Twitter, check out her Website and Facebook page, and ask her all your questions during her #ShoreIndie #AskEditor sessions on Saturday, May 27th at 6pm ET and Tuesday, May 30th at 7pm ET.

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